Social Media Content

Presence on social media used to be optional for businesses. Social media management was kind of a joke, right?

Used to be. Was.

Fast forward, and today we see the reality of what a powerful marketing tool social media has become.

It’s no longer optional for many business who want to remain competetive in their market.

People are going to engage with your brand on social media on some level whether you’re there or not. It will be exponentially better for you if you’re right there with them.

The exciting thing is that the most effective social media marketing not based on you shelling out a ton of money for ads and post boosts.

It’s strategic. It builds organic engagement and traffic and earns attention from potential customers.

If you’re there, you can direct that attention towards your goals, whether it’s building you email subscriber list, selling products, fill seats at an event, or something different entirely.

Social media is your unique opportunity to engage your customers at a whole new level.

My social media management services include:

  • Research and development of a customized social media plan that meets your target market on their platform(s) and engages them where they’re at. In your voice, with your message.
  • Implementation of your social media marketing plan in 6-month contract segments, with quarterly evaluation of your campaign’s goals and performance, and necessary tweaks and adjustments. This includes a pre-agreed number of social media posts that follow your customized plan.
  • Depending on your plan and preferences, I can supply you with content and you can post it yourself, or I can post content directly to your platform for you.
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