Emails + ENewsletters

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to engage with your subscribers, build trust and familiarity, and sell your products.

Maintaining a steady stream of content flowing to your email subscribers can be really challenging, especially if you try to write every email on your own.

A steady stream of quality content is the key to building customer loyalty and repeat sales from your subscribers. Yet it’s a constant battle to keep up.

This tension is where you begin to appreciate the value of email marketing content writing services.

I offer three types of email marketing services

  • Autoresponder email chains – One email chain starts fresh with every new subscriber and can be used over and over to build initial rapport and make first-time sales. Subsequent autoresponder email marketing can engage your subscribers, build trust and loyalty, drive repeat sales, and introduce new products. Since autoresponders can be reused so easily, they often give you the most mileage for your copywriting dollars.
  • E-Newsletters – Quality monthly newsletters packed with content that interests your subscribers get a lot of mileage building customer loyalty, and tend to have a high conversion rates.
  • One-time emails (such as single direct-response promotions or company announcements)

Pricing varies widely, depending on the number and length of emails needed, and the research involved.

Retainers are available in 6- and 12-month timeframes for E-Newsletters or other email content that needs to be consistent and predictable.

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