Looking for a parenting copywriter? You’re in the right place.

Hi there! I’m Jenni Burks.

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me and my copywriting services.

Jenni Burks writes web content for businesses marketing children's clothing, baby gear, maternity wear, curricula, toys, education programs, and more.

I specialize in parenting and education copywriting. I also write copy for parenting-related products in the maternity, baby product, and children’s product industries.

Whether you need web copy for your baby gear business, engaging blog posts for parents, emails promoting your curriculum, a how-to guide for email capture, or any number of other copywriting pieces, I can help.

B2C and B2B, my goal is to help you build your customer base and increase your sales.

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When you hire a copywriter, you’re hiring so much more than a person to crunch out some words. I take the time to:

  • Understand your business, brand, products, services, goals, wants, and needs
  • Research your markets, your customers, and your prospects
  • Refine and clarify your message so it connects with your customers in a way that cultivates business growth

Parents want to buy from companies they feel they can trust. They’re looking for products and services that meet the needs of their children safely and reliably. They’re looking for products, services, and information that ease the stress of parenting and equip them to be the best parents they can be.

I can help you connect with customers in a way that makes them:

  • feel like you really “get” who they are
  • see how what you provide is exactly what they need

My whole adult life has been wrapped up in parenting, maternity, babies, and education. The gear, the challenges and struggles, the activities and the joys.

I’m the mother of four, ages 20-2. I’ve had five pregnancies. I’ve labored with an epidural and I’ve labored and delivered drug-free. I’ve breastfed and bottle-fed. I’ve prepared materials for and taught labor & delivery classes, breastfeeding classes, and parenting classes.

I’ve seen 20 years of changes in baby gear (and I still get excited about new developments!).

I’ve had my children in public school and private school, and for the last ten years, I’ve homeschooled. In my role as a mother I’ve worked with pediatricians, neurologists, psychologists, orthopedists, and more. I’ve navigated a child’s learning disabilities, ADHD, and physical illnesses.

I’ve bought all kinds of children’s clothing, baby gear, curricula, supplies, and other stuff, for better or for worse.

With my broad, diverse background I’m able to connect very tangibly with your customer base and reach them where they care. That is one of the key to driving up your engagement and sales.

I have almost two decades of part-time copywriting experience.

Before I made copywriting my primary career, part of the copy I wrote was for my own businesses and for organizations in which I was personally invested. So many of your challenges and anxieties on the business end are probably very familiar to me. I know from experience how critical it is to get info about your product or service in front of the people who are looking for it, and how critical it is to engage them and inspire them to act.

I look forward to becoming your enthusiastic partner as your professional copywriter.

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