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What do you need most right now?

I need content creation

You’ve got your plan. You’ve got your lists. You have stuff you NEED written. Whether it’s articles, blog posts, social media posts, emails, or something else, I’ll help you get it done. Easily and consistently.

I need a website people can find

increase web traffic with parent focused content writing

Your website does you no good if no one sees it. I’ll help the right kind of people easily find your website with SEO optimized web copy that not only gets them to your site, but also turns prospects into leads, and leads into customers.

I need a content strategy

Your content is pointless if no one reads it. It’s also pointless if it doesn’t grab the right audience and point them where you want them to go. I’ll help you map out what to write, where and when to publish, and how to get it all written.

I specialize in B2C and B2B marketing copy for a wide range of businesses in the baby, kid & family, parenting, and education industries, including:

preschoolshomeschool groups
private schoolscurriculum companies
tutorscommunity centers
speech therapistsbaby gear companies
pediatricianschild & family therapists
gymnastics teamssport groups
music lessonsmartial arts schools
party venuesindoor playgrounds
religious programs & ministriestoy brands
children’s clothing brandsand more

(Yes, even though I specialize in these areas I do sometimes work for businesses in other industries, too. It never hurts to have a consultation and see if we’re a good fit!)

Working in the kid & family, parenting, and education spaces involves a lot of marketing to moms.

Here’s the thing about marketing to moms: moms don’t fit in a tidy box.

Studies show that a majority of mothers feel misunderstood by brands. Stereotypes abound. What many moms aspire to be doesn’t align with the carrots brands dangle.

The key to tapping into “the world’s most powerful consumer” is understanding your specific ideal customer and writing to her in such a way that she feels like your brand “gets” her.  

That is exactly what I’m here to help you do.

What writing services do I offer?

I can help you with:

  • blog posts and articles
  • websites, single web pages, and landing pages
  • video scripts
  • social media posts
  • emails
  • newsletters
  • eBooks
  • lead magnets
  • case studies
  • seo site audits and overhauls
  • content marketing strategy
  • ad copywriting
  • and more…

It’s easy to get your writing done

Step 1: Tell me about your project

Fill out my online form or shoot me an email telling me a little bit about you and your project.

We’ll schedule a free, no obligation phone or video consultation so I can learn about you, your business, and your project.

Step 2: Receive your proposal

A few days after your consultation I’ll send you a detailed proposal and price quote.

The quote is totally obligation-free and good for 90 days.

Step 3: Tell me to get started

Reply to your proposal and tell me which piece(s) you want me to do for you.

We’ll confirm payment arrangements and a delivery date. Then you relax while I get to work.

Step 4: Receive your finished project

Receive your work and put it to work for you!

You get up to two free revisions, if needed.

Life’s too short to spend all your “spare” time writing

You have a business to run. Relationships to nurture.